Emily Weaver

A Special Life

About Emily and Us

From Emilys Dad.

In 1987 the life of my family and myself changed significantly.

For Liz and me, our third child Emily was born severely disabled and from that moment we vowed to devote all our energies to help her in her battle against the odds.

For our other two children, Claire who was then 13 and Dale who was 9, a very special baby sister had arrived 3 months prematurely and with dramatic consequences the effects of which would keep us all close together and manifest a unique love that would touch each of us forever.

As I write, the past 30 years have been traumatic and stressful, yet also profoundly rewarding and fulfilling.

I learned early on that disability is a great sorter of people. Some friends who we considered to be close, quietly disappeared, while others who we thought of as acquaintances and some people we hardly knew, came forward to offer their support. We also learned that 'blood is not always thicker than water' and of course we made many new friends such as other families in similar circumstances  and people and organisations involved with helping people like Emily.

This whole new world and way of life that opened up to us taught me more about the human spirit and human nature than I could possibly have learned had it not been for Emily.

Emily's condition and very existence has shown me the true purpose of life and I feel privileged to be her father and care for her, but especially to have been chosen to play a special role which most people will never fully understand.

Happy Birthday Emily!

On January 5th 2017 Emily was 30.


A Magic Wand?

A few years ago I was asked; If you had a magic wand, would you wave it over Emily to make her better?

My answer surprised a lot of people.

I said No. "It wouldn't be Emily. And we love Emily for who she is, not for who she could be."


The Star!

To celebrate this very special milestone in Emily's and our lives we decided to throw a party to match. With 'The Oscar's' as the theme the stage was literally set. The hotel banqueting suite was filled with film stars and memorabilia, music, dance and a presentation ceremony. But the star of the show (taking all the oscars),  was of course, Emily.

Disability: A Great Sorter Of People

Soon after Emily was born I began to realise that 'disability and special needs' is a great sorter of people.

Some people who we considered to be close friends gradually disappeared, whilst other friends and people who we thought of as just acquaintances, came forward to offer help.

But most uplifting were the strangers and families that came into our life, to help and join us in our mission.

We quickly discovered that blood is not always thicker than water and that the indispensable helping hand is more important than merely paying lip service.

So, through this website, I would like to offer my help, support and advice to those who may be in a similar situation to ours and indeed to anyone who needs a little bit of encouragement and motivation to move forward with their life.

Please don't hesitate to contact me via the Contact Boxes on this website.

Good Luck.