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Here are some useful links and information.

Unfortunately, it's a fact that most worthy causes have to depend on charity to survive. In fact, much of the progress made in the past 25 years to help and support the most needy, vulnerable and deserving people in our society, has been made thanks to charitable and volunteer resources. Again unfortunately, the greatest asset to providing speedy and practical assistance is 'money' because money can pay for vital services and equipment immediately. And because time is not always on their side, immediate financial aid is vital if those in need are to experience any quality or length of life.

So, please spare a moment to visit the following organisations to understand more.

The Philanthropists

Bobath Wales

Heronsbridge School

Ty Hafan Children's Hospice


Self and Social Improvement

Life is a school and we are here to learn from it. It is our duty as individuals to help make it a better place for everyone. That precisely is the reason we are here.

By spending time on this website and learning about these special people you will quickly realise how fortunate you are to enjoy a life of freedom, ability and opportunity. Being able to understand that the difficult yet beautiful role these people have been chosen to play is primarily for our benefit; to teach us the virtues of caring, compassion and love that we could not possibly learn without them.

Be grateful, be thankful, be inspired and thank them for their gift to you.

Now, use this inspiration to learn, grow and evolve with help from the following links:

The Philanthropists

Heart and Mind

All is Well